26 July 2010

Apricot Sausage Pizza

Well, I'd better get crackin' on these apricot recipes if I'm going to post them in July! First up: Apricot Pizza!

Not really a recipe here. Just pizza dough, browned sausage, apricot quarters (with skins), caramelized onions, and goat cheese. Bake at 350F for about 12 minutes then remove and add mozzarella cheese, chopped sage, and lavender and bake another 5 minutes. YUM!

served up with fresh steamed green beans with salt

My taste-tester was skeptical about apricots on pizza but ate half the pie at one sitting! Cook's word: great combination of flavors, but a little dry. I might brush the crust with olive oil first another time.


  1. That sounds bizarre yet awesome all at at once. The only part I don't quite get is the lavendar? Now, too bad I don't have ANY of those ingredients! (okay, okay, onions and pizza dough I do have). Can you think of a way for me to make pizza with no cheese and minimal to no meat? One of the puzzles of my life. CM

  2. CM, Ha! There wasn't TONS of lavender, just a bit. Too much would completely overwhelm the pizza with that "soapy" flavor lavender can have. For you, I would suggest something with mangoes--nice and juicy--and some sort of yogurt mixture in place of the cheese. Sauteed eggplant are always nice on pizza too. Let me work on this . . .