22 December 2013


I'm making pimento cheese tonight and realized that there was an error on my recipe.  The amount of cheese should be 1/2 lb. (to make two cups shredded) instead of one pound. 

That's all.

And have a Merry Christmas!

11 December 2013

Winter S.O.S!

Taco Soup earlier in the summer: if only we had fresh cilantro now!

Come this time of year, I seriously need some help and inspiration in the kitchen.  The only green things around are collecting ice in the freezer and the only foods I really want to make involve lots of butter, sugar, and oven time.  

A typical afternoon at 3:00 pm has me thinking:  Dinner in two hours.  What to make?  What to make?  And all I can think of are various soups.  The same ones we had last week (for four or five meals in a row).  It's the winter kitchen blues.  *sigh*

So, I'll share my list if you'll share yours.  Or I'll just share my list and hope you reciprocate.  Because it's the season for giving, right?  Both of us.  Right?

Top Go-To Meals in Clymerland
(aka: what I'm getting really bored of making right about now)

1. Chili and Cornbread (or rice)
2. Corn Chowder
3. Rice and Beans (okay, there's a non-soup!)
4. Irish Stew
5. Venison-Vegetable Soup (or just vegetable soup)
6. Sloppy Joe with Succotash
7. Peanut Stew with Rice

It's now 3:20 pm--shall it be Corn Chowder or Rice and Beans?