30 May 2011

Pit Cook

We are in the wilds of Pennsylvania for the weekend and taking the opportunity to fulfill a dream of MIL. Dig a pit. Line with rocks. Light fire. When the fire burns down to coals, we layer in banana leaves and food wrapped in banana leaves (and some in foil too), cover it all up and leave to cook for three hours. That's where we are now. With one hour down, and two to go, it looks like it'll be a pretty late lunch! Pictures to follow.

Enjoy your holiday!

20 May 2011

Pumpkin Pasta

So I had this pumpkin around since last September. It came in our CSA box, and we had so many pumpkins around that I never used this one. A few weeks ago, I suddenly got tired of looking at it, and took a knife to it. I made pumpkin and chickpea chili. I made a pumpkin curry. And I made this pasta sauce.

The sauce involved sauteeing onions and garlic in some oil, adding the pumpkin, and then cooking it down until it was mash-able. I added a can of apricots and some sausage too! Spices included: cumin, cayenne pepper, and fresh sage and green onions. I think I finished it with a little milk to make it creamy. It was pretty good--savory and a little sweet with a cayenne zing!

And now I'm ready for fresh spring produce!