02 June 2010

Boxed Goods

I was literally dragging myself up from an afternoon snooze today, trying to disperse the brain fog and come up with a dinner plan, when I heard the sound of a vehicle stopping in front of the house and a door opening and shutting. Glancing out the window, my mental fog magically thinned as I was absolutely thrilled to see the harbinger of summer produce--Radell's truck.

We finally decided this year to put our money where our mouth is (in quite a literal way) by subscribing to our friend's CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Each Wednesday June-August we will be the very happy recipients of a crate of seasonal vegetables from Season's Bounty farm, half of which we are giving to some dear friends as a wedding present.

This week's box contained: two heads lettuce, green onions, potatoes, carrots, radishes, a small head of broccoli, and a bag of edible-pod peas, which I immediately dug into. Next to fresh garden tea, this tastes as much like summer as anything!

I called our friends to let them know that the box had arrived (just a day after they arrived home from their honeymoon!). In the end I invited us over to drop off vegetables and share in a potluck leftovers dinner which was accompanied by a bowl of edible-pod peas and a huge garden salad! Walking home a few hours later, I was a little giddy with the glow of shared food, shared resources, and the thought of a summerful of these inspiring produce crates which will force me to eat with the season and get a little extra creative in the kitchen (since I don't know what will be in the box from week to week)!

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