01 July 2009

Pizza Night

Somehow, I always think pizza will a fast supper. You only have to let the dough raise 20 minutes! It seems I forget about all the rolling, cutting, chopping, spreading, and baking that's involved. In any case, it's a delicious--if not quick--supper.

This week I made what I think is my favorite pizza to-date: goat's cheese with fresh basil and a little parmesean.

My taste-tester preferred this variety with sauteed summer squash slices, chopped green pepper and mozzarella cheese. I also mixed some BBQ sauce in with the pizza sauce which adds a nice flavor.

I also made some minty tabouli for added greens. I actually think I overdid it on the mint, but we gobbled it up anyway!

And just because it makes us happy . . .

our first garden produce! I don't really like eating little tomatoes, but it's so wonderful so see a small plant grow and flower and develop something edible!

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