17 April 2012

Recipe Review: Parsnip Latkes

I found this interesting recipe for parsnip latkes on the Smitten Kitchen website a few weeks ago when I was looking for ways to use my impulse-buy bag of parsnips from the grocery store. While I enjoyed making them, they took a lot of work (hey, when you don't have a dishwasher, any recipe that calls for the use of a food processor is a lot of work!). And I didn't think the outcome was really worthy of it all.

It wasn't the flavor so much-- I enjoyed the parsnip perfuminess--but I found the texture a bit . . . limp. Maybe I didn't wring enough liquid out of the potatoes and parsnips. Maybe we didn't eat them soon enough. Maybe I didn't use enough/used too much oil. Who knows. The bottom line is I don't think I'd do it again (and I'll just avoid parsnips altogether until I find another interesting recipe to try).

Oh, I did dig that horseradish-dill sauce though!

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