19 August 2010


Seeing as there are no more left in our fridge, I'd say I think they turned out pretty well! I LOVE the cookie part, but wasn't as pleased with the filling. It could very well have been my method of mixing. I made peanut butter (which was the best!) and maple-flavored filling. Anyone have a recipe for it which doesn't include beating egg whites or using marshmallow fluff?


  1. marshmallow fluff is the only way. any other is blasphemy. i'm very passionate on the subject since it's the way my grandmom (and mom) made them and i have fond memories of sitting in that farmhouse kitchen on a summer afternoon enjoying that tasty treat ;)

  2. YESSSSS!!!!! ask Mom Clymer. Her filling is super easy and yummy, albeit not low fat. The amount of butter that "melts" down into that rich filling is rather shocking, but its the best filling I've tasted.

  3. When you get one- pass it on to me!I am mystified by the filling recipes I see- they don't seem like the type we grew up with. What did mom use? I sometimes have trouble with whoopie pies flattening out too much too. Yours look good. Any pizza ideas for me yet? :)

  4. Sonya, I will maybe have to try it once and see how I like the fluff!

    CCO: I actually used Mom C's recipe--it called for egg whites which I was trying to avoid. I did think about using that recipe and just leaving the egg whites out . . .

    Candice, the trick to keeping them from flattening out is to bake them at a higher temperature (400F) so that they puff up and set quickly.