04 February 2010

Flop, sorta . . .

Okay, all you Uncensored Kitchen peeps. Are you ready for a flop? Actually, it was kinda the opposite of a flop . . .

I made bread. Delicious potato bread with rosemary and black pepper. The dough was soft; it rose beautifully. The scent of it baking was simply heavenly. I cut into it when it was still hot, and slathered a slice with butter. Wow. Tender crumb, crisp, flaky crust. Double wowow. We ate that loaf all up.

And here's the one I was going to take for sister-in-law's wedding feast.

Uh, maybe not.

The texture and flavor were still there, but this was a flop (or an over-rise). Not sure if I just formed these sloppy or if I let them rise too long, but these loaves weren't quite wedding caliber (wording there supplied by my taste-tester). And that other loaf? Why the major difference? It happened to be a well-formed round loaf baked on stoneware. I'm not sure you can preserve the flakiness of a bread crust once you've cooled, sliced, frozen, and thawed a loaf, so I guess it's good we ate that one right away anyhow.

I'm going to try this again, tweak the seasonings and flour a little, and get back to you with a recipe. Before the wedding. Because I better have perfected it by then.

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  1. Looks like your potato bread is trying to get in touch with its inner pita...