18 May 2009

Mushy-Butt Zucchini Dolma II

When I made the zucchini dolma last Friday, there were two peppers and one zucchini that didn't fit in the pan. I stowed them in a smaller pot in the fridge to cook at a later date. Sunday afternoon, between church and running off to a graduation, I took the opportunity. To try to correct some of the flavor, I simmered the dolma in tomato sauce with garlic added to it.

Taste-Tester(s) Say(s): "It tastes more tomato-y; it has more flavor"

Cook's Word: It still needs a lot more salt and tomato paste in the filling. And it was still mushy. My next attempt may include partially pre-cooking the rice so that the vegetables themselves aren't subjected to too much steaming. When I get it "perfected" I promise I'll post my recipe!

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