21 May 2009

Here and There

Of course, foods are being cooked and baked in the kitchen even when I'm not blogging about it. I couldn't possibly do a post about every breakfast, lunch, and dinner that gets eaten here. And who wants to read about cold cereal, eggs and potatoes for supper, or tortilla snacks (well, maybe those . . .)?

So, here are a few of those foods that might not ever merit their own post:

Zucchini Guts Stir-Fry: Sounds appetizing, right? Well, what do you do with the dolma zucchini innards? The first step in my recipe was to cure them in the fridge for a few days, almost forgetting about them until I needed a quick dinner one evening. I started by searing some thick slices of onion in hot olive oil and a few splashes of soy sauce. Add zucchini parts (insides and peels) and fry, stirring often, until tender-crisp. Salt and pepper. Eat!

Tomato-y Rice: I served the zucchini over rice that I cooked in the leftover tomato sauce from the dolmas--it gave it a slightly Spanish-rice flavor. Taste-tester notes that this meal involves a nice combination of colors and textures (the zucchini peels retained a slight crunch). Cook particularly likes the crisp soy sauce-flavored onions in the stir-fry.

The Clymer Stack: This is a breakfast dish inspired by some friends by the name of "Zook". You know who you are. Their stack comes from Pennsylvania Amish tradition and is a layering of fried scrapple, molasses, baked beans, milk-soaked toast, and a fried egg. My stack you will see below: toasted bread, fried egg, and spicy sausage gravy. Taste-tester appreciates that the toast is not soggy as in the Zook Stack. Cook would mention that the spicy sausage gravy, while quite delicious, is almost too spicy for morning food.

Vanilla Chai Cupcakes: This is just a teaser, because these cupcakes are going to get their own post, complete with recipe when I get it perfected to my taste. Warning: THESE SMELL UTTERLY SCRUMPTIOUS WHILE BAKING AND YOU MAY BE TEMPTED TO EAT ONE AS SOON AS YOU CAN GET YOUR HANDS ON IT (without burning them)!

Add some Fisher Family Butter-Cocoa Frosting, and ooooh la la!!

Cook's Word: Check back, baby. You may want to try this at home!


  1. Oooh- I definately want that cupcake recipe. Yum!! I recently found a go-to chocolate frosting that I love, but I need to some cupcake recipes. If you like soy-sauce fried things...have you tried Formosan Cabbage in More with LEss. Incredibly easy, cheap, and yum! (cabbage, onion, soy sauce, sausage). CM

  2. The recipe is definitely coming. And thanks for the cabbage tip; I'll have to try that one out!

  3. Wow, I am so impressed that our family stack inspired such a great breakfast idea. I loved the post!!