02 March 2013

I "heart" Valentine's Day

just because it's another excuse to make themed shaped cookies! 

My goal was to make a heart cutout cookie in pretty pink without using any food coloring (or buying super-expensive food-based colorings).  I found this recipe which called for using strawberries in the dough for color and flavor.  The picture was so pretty!

Well, that optional "dot" of food coloring must have made a huge difference because my cookies came out kind of purply-grey rather than a nice perky pink.  Extra strawberries to the rescue!  I mixed my leftover puree into some icing, and got this pretty soft pink color which I thought looked nice with the chocolate frosting accents.  

Flavor: could'a been better.  Another time I think I'd make a basic shortbread cutout cookie with the same icing combinations as I did here.  I wasn't a big fan of the itty bitty seeds in the cookies, though I could've strained them out.

1 comment:

  1. what a fun experiment! I quite like the dainty shade of pink accented by the brown. yum yum..