28 March 2012

Bread in Between

So the season of Lent just happened to be when we decided to move three hours north of where we lived. And then go back to the old place two different times. The first was a short weekend, and I sorta cheated on the bread thing by getting a biscuit mix ("just add water!") because my cupboards looked like this:

Cooks word: Fresh = yum! Leftover the next morning = ugh!

The next trip south was for two weeks, so I went armed with flour (white and whole wheat), yeast, baking soda, baking powder, and sugar. Just in case I needed to make bread or something. However, I was still short on the kitchen gadget end of things. I had to borrow a can opener and grater from two different neighbors. Other things could be approximated like a cup for a biscuit cutter (my husband actually scoffs at the "need" for a biscuit cutter but, hey, it's my grandmother's vintage one!) or a smooth-sided canning jar for a rolling pin:

I ended up using this jar quite a bit and it turned out some lovely tortillas as well as this stack of pita: (I'm really into colons at the moment)

One of the funniest (and of course, un-photographed) genius ideas was a rigged up pancake spatula from a canning lid and wooden scraper. It fell apart in two seconds and after two grubby, mangled pancakes I had the brilliant insight to make miniature cakes my wooden scraper could flip smoothly. Did that make sense? Small scraper. Small pancakes.

While the challenge of living in a minimally-stocked kitchen was fun for a week or two, I'm glad to be heading back into my regular quarters with all my lovable familiar gadgetry. Ah!

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