25 February 2012

Daily Breads Two and Three

When I started this discipline I didn't realize how immediately pertinent it would be. Less than an hour after I had published all the sentiments about being thankful and trusting God one day at a time, I was informed that we wouldn't be able to get DSL internet service at our new house. Now, this may not seem like a huge deal, but it came as a pretty big disappointment to me having organized several nifty ideas for communication, my husband working at home, and maybe a small internet business around that very service. Hmmm . . . still thankful for the house I live in?

I pondered that as I mixed up a yeast dough the next day.

Daily Bread: Day Two

I made some funny little buns on day two. I'm trying to make just enough bread of any type for the current day, not "storing my manna" for successive days. This recipe was scaled down to a 1/4 of the original and then divided into more pieces when I realized we were having company. Cute! And they tasted pretty good too. Yes, I am still thankful for the house we live in.

Daily Bread: Day Three

Corn meal cakes. Well, masa cakes since I hadn't packed the cornmeal from my old freezer. The masa made the batter pretty thick so they didn't turn out like my grandmother-in-law must have intended. I'll have to try them another time with the right ingredients. Still, they satisfied a breakfasting tummy.

Today I haven't made any bread yet, but I'm thankful for free wi-fi at a cafe only 1/2 hour from my house. And I'm thankful for a husband who loves our baby and keeps him occupied awhile so I can blog. I'm thankful for the ability to adapt to new places and new ways of living. I can definitely get along without internet service at my home.

A phone line would be nice, though.

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