15 March 2010

I make milk . . .

. . . what's your super-power?

So says a t-shirt my sister-in-law has. When I told her I might need to borrow it, I got one of those looks. If you've been married a year or so and haven't had any babies yet, you know the look I'm talking about. Yes, I'm getting some sweet mileage out of it.

But it was really an honest request concerning the t-shirt. Because I do make milk. Soy milk.

I read about it over at "kiss my spatula" and simply had to try it. The pictures were just lovely, and her description of the fresh soy milk--"creamy, nutty, with a hint of sweetness"--made my mouth water. The taste in reality was--well--less than expected, but it was a fun experiment and may very well be repeated. The hardest part? Finding the soybeans.

1/2 cup dry soybeans--cover with water and soak overnight

drain, rinse, and blend with 2 cups water

pour into large stock-pot (it will foam!) with another 3 cups water

bring to a boil over high heat, stirring and skimming foam--
reduce heat and simmer 25 minutes, stirring occasionally

strain out "okara" (the bean solids) by pouring
through cheese-cloth-lined sieve

add 1/4 tsp. salt, 2 TBSP sugar, and vanilla (if you like)

drink! (we preferred it hot)

store in the fridge and use within a couple of days
(made about a quart)

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