25 January 2010

Fish No. 2: Tangerine

I'm really enjoying experimenting with fish. It's amazing how quick they cook! I'd like to plan ahead sometime and marinate them to get more flavor in the meat. But this time I was cooking on the fly. A basket of slowly-disappearing tangerines was the inspiration.

Step one: Saute some garlic and onions in olive oil.

Next: add some tangerine slices and the juice from another
tangerine. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar. Add rosemary.
Shake on some salt and grind pepper into the pot. Add fish.

Step Three: Simmer, covered, until fish are cooked through.

I served mine over a bed of rice with soy sauce and
spinach greens with more balsamic vinegar. Don't waste
the tangerine sauce, but spoon it over the top.
Eat the onions if you like!

Taste-tester says: This is good, but I liked the other one (Fish No. 1: Tomato) better.

Cook's Word: Delicious light sauced fish. Could this be called "Asian fusion"--citrus soy, balsamic vinegar . . . ? I think oranges might give a brighter flavor than tangerines.


  1. pretty pictures. Looking forward to our skype chat this week. HUG Candice

  2. I was there when she served it up. These pictures are for real! and the flavor too. I had a fork-full and it was tanticioulous!