13 August 2009

Open Face

Summertime is sandwich-time around here. With big, juicy tomatoes hanging off the vines, what more do you need? A slice of bread, some light mayo and horseradish . . . that's that!

Today for lunch I did a variation on my classic tomato sandwich. Remember the walnut pesto I made two days ago? After all the work that went into it, I felt the individual ingredients got a little lost on the pasta. So I tried spreading some on a slice of toast and throwing it in the toaster oven for a few seconds. Y.U.M. You can see where this is going . . . add a slice or two of tomato . . .

And another open-faced sandwich from this week. Venison sloppy joes with another round of Sweet Zingy Slaw.

Got any great summertime sandwich ideas to share?


  1. Do you have rosemary in your herb garden? I love ham and melted swiss on a bagel with some of your fresh tomato and some rosemary sprinkled over the cheese. Mmmmm. Candice

  2. Mmmm, that DOES sound good! And I do have rosemary in the herb patch. Now, to round up the ham and cheese . . .