24 June 2009

Summer Squash

Wow. It's been seven days since I posted! I was actually gone over the weekend, and had my hands busy with flowers (for a friend's wedding--24 corsages and boutinniers!) rather than food. I enjoyed other people's cooking, though. Since getting home, I haven't done much in the way of cooking either, though I did whip up a shoo-fly pie for Father's Day.

Today I'm back in the swing of things. I spent part of the morning making fresh pasta for dinner tonight and steeping a new batch of iced tea with mint (I'm getting better at the tea thing, by the way). Because of time constraints, I'll have to postpone the pasta post (like all that alliteration?), and take you back to last week for a sweet little summer squash stove-top dish I made. Hopefully I'll be able to remember what all I did!

Summer Squash Skillet (with tomato and fresh basil!)

Heat some olive oil in a skillet (maybe 1 TBSP per squash). Saute some sliced onions for a few minutes. Slice squash and add, sauteing until tender. Add a diced tomato and some chopped, fresh basil and heat through. Pull off stove. Add another drizzle of virgin olive oil, salt and pepper to taste, and parmesan cheese if you like. Eat!

Cook's Word: Simple, refreshing, and delicious! My taste-tester wanted some too, even though we were having a fend-for-yourself (or "root, hog, or die") supper.


  1. Maybe I'll try this for dinner, though I'll have to use some tender little zuchinis I have.

  2. I may try this this weekend!